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Plastic Surgery in Sarasota FL

The Mandala Plastic Surgery is committed to creating a relaxing, spa atmosphere while offering the expert work of a professional plastic surgeon. Whether you are interested in our Botox injections, or a full face lift, the care you receive will put you at complete ease. This is just one benefit of our unique approach to ancient, Eastern medicine and modern, Western practices. You will notice this difference with any of our cosmetic facial procedures for Sarasota and the surrounding areas.
Happy Woman Smiling, Facial Procedures in Sarasota FL

Sarasota FL—Facial Rejuvenation

Many of our procedures can be completed in the comfort of our office. However, for more complex procedures, we utilize a fully certified outpatient surgery center. Along with our own cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Barnett, you will be under the supervision of a board-certified anesthesiologist.

All staff involved with Mandala Med Spa is expected to display excellent work as well as a high level of professionalism, and this includes everyone involved in your cosmetic facial procedure. In Sarasota, our facial rejuvenation procedures, ranging from minor to more invasive, include:

 Non-Surgical Face Lifts
 Short Scar/Mini Face Lifts
 Traditional Face Lifts
 Traditional Brow Lifts
 Facial Implants

 Eyelid Surgery
 Fat Grafting
 Lip Augmentation

Face Lifts in Sarasota

From minor wrinkle fillers, to complete facial surgery, our Sarasota medical spa is able to meet all of your needs. The key to truly rejuvenating the face is creating an improved, yet natural, appearance. A good portion of Mandala Med Spa patients return for additional services that add to their overall wellbeing and health. By adjusting each procedure to meet the specific needs of each patient, our traditional and mini face lifts guarantee results that surpass expectations. By expertly pairing delicate stitchery with strategic incision placement, we perform face lifts in Sarasota that can be described as subtle, skillful and attractive.

Facial Implants—Sarasota FL - Manatee County FL

If you've ever lacked self confidence because of your facial structure, you are a great candidate for facial implants. In Sarasota, Mandala Med Spa offers this cosmetic and reconstructive procedure to empower our patients and improve their outlook on life. These implants are available in many forms and sizes, including those especially for chins, jaws, noses, and cheeks.

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